Jean-Paul Gaultier on Madonna and Lady Gaga
May 21, 2011 News

Jean-Paul Gaultier on Madonna and Lady Gaga


Jean-Paul Gaultier gave an interview to French magazine, Paris-Match.
He talks about Lady Gaga and mentions Madonna in the process…

“She [Lady Gaga] overcomes her insecurities with exhibitionnism. I think that’s what drives her (…)
When you have a look at her these days, you’ll realize she changed so much. Remember in Poker Face: She was puffy and ordinary…
Today, she lost a lot of weight, she’s very thin. Growing up she was probably fascinated with skinny girls…
On the contrary, Madonna was very pretty when she started, while Gaga wasn’t that cute.
Now she’s using her body as a tool for controversy.
When she started the way she dressed in a rock-trashy way made her even uglier, but now she’s become beautiful. (…)
Because she’s very smart. Brilliant, even.
It’s her intelligence that makes her pretty.”


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