Madonna’s dancer Norman tells about meeting the Queen of Pop
April 13, 2011 News

Madonna’s dancer Norman tells about meeting the Queen of Pop


French dancer Norman Panzani was born in Nîmes, a city in the south of France. He danced with Madonna on few of her tours and currently lives in New York to pursue his career as a dancer. Not only is he one of Madonna’s dancers, but also one of her three fitness coaches and he’s kind of a big brother to Madonna’s 10 year-old son, Rocco.

During an interview for French newspaper Midi Libre, he talked about his relation with Madonna and Rocco…

“He doesn’t have any male presence in his entourage, and I play that role.
I’ve always talked with Madonna like I talk to a friend.
She’s very down to earth with me. We even play jokes on each other.
She tells me to go eat French cheese while I remind her of Detroit and all its factories.”

About how he met Madonna…

“There was this audition for a video clip and we were with 800 dancers, but we didn’t know it was for Madonna.
She chose four dancers, including Steve [my cousin] and myself.
Everything went great. She asked me to travel with her to Portugal and also on her world tour.
Now I’ve been working for her for around five and a half years.”

His artist name, Shay (based on shy), suits him very well. Madonna, however, calls him Norm.

Translation: Madonnarama

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