The Prince and Madonna BS Story – Tracy Anderson does it again – American Idol searching for next Madonna – Madonna on BBC Most Annoying Person List – French and Saunders
January 26, 2011 News

The Prince and Madonna BS Story – Tracy Anderson does it again – American Idol searching for next Madonna – Madonna on BBC Most Annoying Person List – French and Saunders

The Prince and Madonna BS Story
The press is all about Prince and Madonna to have ended their supposedly decades-long feud. We can read everywhere that Madonna was among the celebrities cheering on Prince’s sold-out show at NYC’s Madison Square Garden.
We don’t believe a single word of it!
First of all, we believe that Madonna and Prince never feuded. In 2007, they huged at the Academy Awards after-party (see the pic) and Madonna mentioned Prince as one of her ultimate inspiration during the BET Interview to promote her Hard Candy album, in 2008.
Second, the press published pictures of Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester and TV host Jimmy Fallon at the show, but not one paparazzi picture of Madonna entering or exiting the show.

Tracy Anderson does it again
Madonna’s former trainer has slammed the Queen Of Pop for bulking up…

“I reversed the years Madonna spent getting bulky and made her more feminine, but I think she’s going back the other way now.
You just have to look at any of the other women I work with and you can see that’s not what my method produces.
Will we ever be friends again? That’s a tough question. I don’t have rivals in life, it’s not who I am. I try to be a good person and I give a lot.
Some people appreciate that and use it for the right reasons, and some people take from it.
I’ve worked for over a decade to come up with something that’s my own work and my own invention and my own blood, sweat and tears.
I think that’s where the biggest sore spot is. I like to invent things and she likes to reinvent them!”

Someone should tell Anderson that she only hurts herself by saying those things. We doubt many celebrities will agree to work with someone who can turn on them in the press, the second they part ways…

Madonna on BBC Most Annoying Person List
Madonna is the 22nd Most Annoying Person of 2010 according to the BBC.
She’s blamed for using her daughter Lourdes as a prop.

American Idol searching for next Madonna
Randy Jackson says that this season American Idol needs to find the next Madonna or Michael Jackson – artists who have a transformative effect on artistry and culture.

“I hope that ‘Idol’ finds a killer vocalist that helps to change music completely. Michael Jackson and Prince just slaughtered the business. Elvis slaughtered the business. I can’t remember a time when someone was that important in the history of the game of music. Madonna, Coldplay, U2, Jay-Z, Biggie and Tupac. No one has come in and changed the game, meaning that as soon as they showed up … everyone was dressing, acting and wanted to be them, full stop,” he said. “I hope that we find that quintessential star.”

Taylor Momsen and Kelly Osbourne
Last week, Madonnarama exclusively confirmed that Kelly Osbourne was the new face of Madonna’s clothing line, Material Girl.
Now that it has been made official, Kelly Osbourne and Taylor Momsen share their thoughts on Twitter…

Taylor Momsen: Congrats to @MissKellyO for being the next Material Girl, it doesn’t get bigger than Madonna! U look beautiful!
Kelly Osbourne: @taylormomsen thank you i know I have some pretty big shoes to fill I will try my best!

French and Saunders Reads a Madonna Interview
This is just hilarious and not even mean to Madonna…

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