Rebel Heart Tour Mannheim 29 November 2015

Rebel Heart Tour Mannheim
29 November 2015

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by Christian Weger (check out his website HERE):

by Moses:

The Bitch on stage was the same who chaught the bouquet whom she called “Schnitzel” instead of his real name Patrick.
She was surprised that he was away so soon after their marriage
– this this seems to me he was randomly picked and M doesn’t know who’s gonna be her Bitch every night neither does she chose one aparently –

Before True Blue she excused herself for beeing LATE LATE!!! The show started at 22.52 *OMG*
allegedly because the stage was built so late and because they came from Antwerpen the other day.
Than she aked the audience what “joke” means in German: its? Witz…. she than understood which is right 🙂

I think there were small problems to her wedding veil which didn’t move away properly…

After La Vie En Rose she sang a view lines of “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend”

The Medley was skiped and she played WTG and RH in LFL Costume.

by Moses:

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